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Welding Consulting throughout Poland: technical consultancy for the welding industry

Welcome to our website. We are a highly qualified company providing consultancy and certification services to welding companies - both in Poland and Europe. The development of industrial technology, the demand for increased productivity, but also safety considerations, make welding production require strict compliance with standards - such as EN 1090 and EN 13445. We take care of the quality of welding services and cooperate with local companies - including those in Poznań. Welding consultancy involves developing procedures to guide welding personnel and writing them up in the form of welding technology manuals. The certification of welding companies requires them to employ personnel with the following qualifications welding engineer with IWE certification, while the presence of such personnel in the production facility is not required on a daily basis. This is why it makes sense to use our services as an external advisor.

Welding standards and process instructions

As part of the advice and welding inspection We will help your company to implement procedures and prepare ready-to-use instructions in accordance with the applicable norms and standards up to a qualified welding procedure. We operate in two stages:

- development of a procedure for the qualification of WPQR welding technologies

- development WPS welding technology manual

Certification of companies employing welders - confirmation of service quality

The implementation of welding procedures according to, among other standards, ISO 15614-1 also has great benefits in welding production. By obtaining the procedure, the company gains credibility, not only on the Polish market, but also in the European Union. Having qualified procedures distinguishes reliable companies with high production quality. Today's customers pay attention to whether a welding company has these documents and are guided by this criterion when looking for a service contractor.

Qualification of welding technologies

From the quality of the process weldingThe strength of the resulting joints, and thus the strength of the entire structure and its subsequent suitability for use, depends, among other things, on the maintenance of its standards or its accuracy. The manufacturer is responsible for any errors or shortcomings resulting in the failure of welded components. Qualification of welding technologies carried out by an external company specialising in such assignments, it is possible to confirm whether the activities are carried out in accordance with the Pressure Directive and comply with the applicable welding standards, such as EN 1090 and EN 13445.

Welding Consulting is a company offering customers a comprehensive welding supervision. Thanks to our many years of experience, as well as the continuous expansion of our knowledge, we carry out procedures to check manufacturers for their qualification to carry out processes welding.

Professional welding supervision for clients in Poznan and throughout Poland

As part of our work, we prepare welding instructions and support the implementation of procedures in your company, so that welding processes run smoothly and safely. Thanks to our activities consisting in the qualification of welding technology, you can be sure that the application of the documents indicated by us and adherence to the norms they contain will allow the production of durable, solid structures that can be successfully used both in Poland and the entire European Union.

Comprehensive qualification of welding technologies - from specialists to the products they create

We are aware that people are the indispensable basis of every production process - it is on them that the correct setting of machines or the determination of process parameters depends. welding. This is why we make sure that our customers only hire qualified welders who know their job very well. This is confirmed by the certificates we issue, thanks to which the company gains in the eyes of potential customers in the Polish market, but also beyond it. Thanks to the control of compliance with standards, you have the opportunity to obtain the name of a reliable, trustworthy company whose products are subject to strict controls and are characterised by high quality.

If you are interested in having your company welding surveillance - you are cordially invited to contact. We will be happy to answer any questions and clear up any doubts.

About us

Welding Consulting is an intimate company located in Poznan, Poland. We provide services both in Poland and Europe. The increasing demands of the market have led to the need for external welding companies to assist with certification and quality improvement in welding. Poland, which belongs to the global supply chain, has become an important point on the map of world players and welding inspections given to local companies have become a common prcatice. Please familiarise yourself with our range of services.

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+44 938 9393 32


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