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EN 1090 implementations and audits

What are the advantages of EN 1090 certification and CE marking?

Companies supplying structural steel and aluminium components in the EU after 1 July 2014 must be EN 1090-1 certified and implement CE marking for their products to ensure compliance with the ECPD. It will be an offence to supply products after this date unless they comply with this standard and carry a legitimate CE mark, and trading standards will be empowered to force companies to recall and withdraw products that do not comply.

How can we help?

How can Welding Consulting help? Using our methodology, we can provide simple systems that enable companies to achieve EN 1090 certification and implement CE marking for their products that ensures compliance with the standard and improve their Quality Management System. Welding Consulting can accelerate implementation to ensure compliance in a very short timeframe.

What is a performance class?

Execution class was introduced in the EN 1090-2 and EN 1090-3 manufacturing standards, where it is used to define a set of quality controls and ensure the manufacturing process. There are four performance classes, ranging from performance class EXC 1, which gives the lowest set of controls, to performance class EXC 4, which provides a higher, more stringent set of controls.

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