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Welding coordination & project observation

In today's dynamic industrial world, the quality and efficiency of welding projects are crucial to the success of any organisation. As a leading welding inspection company, Welding Consulting not only offers a comprehensive range of inspection services, but also manufactures innovative welding equipment and high quality rods. As part of our mission, we provide unparalleled welding coordination and full project observation at every stage. Below is a detailed overview of our services, covering the three key phases of a project

Before the start of the project

1 Project evaluation:Prior to the start of any project as part of our professional offering, Welding Consulting insists on a comprehensive and precise plan evaluation. It is in this phase of the project where our welding and inspection expertise becomes crucial. Our experienced teams of experts are ready to accept any challenge and thoroughly analyse the technical aspects of the project, capturing even the smallest nuances that can affect the efficiency, safety and quality of the final product.

2 Technical Review:We provide a comprehensive technical review, covering both general aspects and specific project requirements. We make every effort to ensure that the project meets the highest industry standards.

3 Subcontractor assessment:We verify the qualifications of subcontractors, ensuring that all participants in the process have the right skills and experience.


4 Welding Staff:Our approach includes a meticulous analysis of the qualifications of welding personnel, ensuring that each employee meets the highest standards of safety and welding skills.

5 Qualification of Welding Procedures and Welding Technological Instructions:
We implement strict controls through regular audits of welding procedures and process manuals. We ensure that every welding process complies with the latest industry standards and requirements.

During the Project Duration


6 Non-conformities and Remedial Action:If non-compliance is detected, we take corrective action immediately, ensuring the continuity of the process without disruption.

7 Checking the calibration of Control and Welding Equipment:We ensure that any equipment used is regularly calibrated, thus eliminating the risk of inaccurate measurements.

During the Project Duration

1. Production Planning:We ensure effective production planning, taking into account every stage of the process. Our detailed work instructions help to optimise operational efficiency.

2. preparation of the Work Instructions:The implementation of clear work instructions is key to minimising risk and ensuring consistent quality during production.

3. Welding consumables and their certificates:We take care to supply welding consumables with the appropriate certificates, ensuring that all substances used comply with the highest quality standards.

4. Inspections Before, During and After Welding:Our teams carry out meticulous reviews, monitoring welding processes at every stage. We act creatively, identifying and resolving potential problems before they escalate.

5 Identification and Traceability:We focus on the precise identification of each weld and safeguarding the process against possible errors.

After Project Completion

1. Identification and Traceability:

Once the project is completed, we focus on the precise identification and documentation of each weld so that the client can follow the history of the project.

2. Inspection of the Weld Area, Transition Area and Area Near the Weld:

We carefully inspect every detail, taking care of the aesthetics and functionality of the joint surface and adjacent areas

After Project Completion

Benefits of welding surveillance

Enhancing Structural Safety:
Welding supervision, by introducing detailed control over the welding process, ensures that welded joints are not only durable, but also resistant to environmental influences. This is a key element affecting the safe use of the structure. Safety is not only a question of compliance with regulations, but also the certainty that every element of the structure has been carefully manufactured and rigorously tested.
Cost savings:
Accurate welding surveillance has a significant impact on cost savings in the long term. By detecting possible errors early, costly repairs and modifications can be avoided in the future. Every error that is identified at the supervision stage is a potential saving, both financially and in time. We ensure that every welding process is under constant supervision, eliminating the risk of problems in later phases of the project.

Enhancing the Company's Reputation:
Adherence to the highest standards and norms in welding contributes not only to the construction, but also to the positive image of the company. Welding Consulting places emphasis not only on the quality of workmanship, but also on full compliance with all industry regulations and standards. As a result, our customers receive not only solid constructions, but also the knowledge that they are working with a company that upholds the highest standards.

Gain Customer Confidence:
An established reputation for reliability and professionalism translates into winning the trust of clients. Clients, aware of our total commitment to ensuring the safety and durability of structures, are keen to choose our services. Customer trust is not just a one-off transaction, but a long-term relationship based on the confidence that the projects entrusted to us are in the hands of experts.

Benefits of welding surveillance

Increasing Competitiveness in the Market:
Today's construction market demands not only sound workmanship, but also adherence to norms and standards. As a forerunner in welding supervision, Welding Consulting gains a competitive advantage through our attention to detail. Our ability to ensure not only efficient workmanship, but also full compliance with regulations, makes us the first choice for clients looking for comprehensive and reliable solutions.

Effective Welding Supervision - Why Choosing Our Company Will Bring You Safety and Excellent Quality?

Contact our Welding Consulting company and discover why we are the leader in welding supervision. Our excellent reputation is based on three key pillars that will bring your welded structures to the highest quality.

Expertise: We are proud of the many years of experience we have gained in the welding surveillance industry. It is our deep understanding of the welding processes and our thoughtful approach to each project that guarantees the highest standard of service. We act as a reliable partner, ready to meet even the most demanding challenges.

Professionalism: Our team is made up of qualified specialists who not only have extensive theoretical knowledge, but also constantly improve their practical skills. As a result, we can guarantee that every job is handled with the highest level of professionalism, which translates into the safety and durability of your welds.

Comprehensive services: Welding Consulting offers a full range of welding supervision services. Whether you need quality control, welding process optimisation or specialist consultation, we are ready to adapt to your individual needs. Our flexibility allows us to provide comprehensive support for a wide variety of projects.


We believe that an investment in our services is an investment in the future of your business. Work with us to ensure the highest quality for your welded structures. Contact Welding Consulting today to start a fruitful collaboration that will deliver lasting and safe results.

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