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Welding of reinforcing steel

Welding of rebar

Reinforcing steel bars are manufactured using multiple processes and usually have a ribbed profile. Given this fact, it is clear that a special level of skill and technical knowledge is required of both welders/welders and welding supervision, and that special procedures must be adopted for quality assurance.

ISO 17660 applies to the welding/welding of weldable/weldable reinforcing steel and stainless steel reinforcing steel for load-bearing joints in the fabrication shop or on site. The standard specifies material, design and fabrication requirements for welded/welded joints, welding personnel, quality requirements, inspection and testing.

Welded joints of rebar can be divided into load-bearing welded joints and non-bearing welded joints.

According to EN 1090-2, already for construction class EXC 2 non-loadbearing joints, the welding of reinforcing steel to structural steel should be carried out according to the recommendations given in the EN ISO 17660 series. On the other hand, for load-bearing joints it is absolutely necessary to qualified welding technology.

Example of lap joints made on site:

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It is not only the skill of the welder or the use of modern and reliable welding equipment that is a key aspect of ensuring quality in the welding process. It is of paramount importance to have the right attitude to the activity, to have the required certification, to discuss the specifications carefully, to order the right materials and control the process, and to make the right decisions at each stage of production. As a highly qualified company providing certification and consultancy services to welding companies, we are well aware that welding production requires strict adherence to certain standards and rules. Within the scope of welding consultancy and inspection, we help our customers, among others, with the development of WPQR welding technology qualification procedures, the preparation of WPS welding technology instructions and the implementation of welding procedures according to ISO 15614-1, among others.

Welding of rebar according to rules and standards

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