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ISO 3834 certification - implementation for welding

ISO 3834 certification for a manufacturing company using welding techniques is now a necessity and a mark of distinction, allowing the company to be regarded as a reliable and trusted partner. Implementation of ISO 3834 is one of the most important tasks for a consulting and implementation company, but also the most recognisable welding quality certificate.

What does ISO 3834 certification cover?

To generalise - ISO 3834 is a comprehensive set of guidelines relating to the welding of metal components. In contrast to, for example PED 2014/68/EU Pressure Directive, the recommendations contained in this certificate relate strictly to welding. It is important to bear in mind that ISO 3834 is designed to accommodate a group of requirements for the welding company depending on the role of the welding product in terms of the overall safety of the manufactured structure. The greater the role of the welding product, the larger the group of requirements for ISO 3834 certification must be.

What does the implementation of ISO 3834 look like?

As with all areas of certification for welding, the implementation of ISO 3834 must be carried out by a qualified welding engineer. As part of the implementation process, services are provided welding surveillance and advisory services covering workplace organisation and employee training, as well as the production planning stage. A certified company should demonstrate that it is able to fully control production and its organisation and to guard against errors. Once all formal and practical requirements have been met, the following are awarded ISO 3834 certificateand the company obtains confirmation of its important technical and organisational competence. Holding a certificate not only constitutes a form of safeguards in case of inspectionsbut above all it is a clear signal of credibility and reliability to contractors.

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