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Welder Skills Assessment: a key screening procedure from Welding Consulting

In today's dynamic industrial environment, finding a highly skilled welder is key to the success of any project. To meet the needs of companies recruiting welders, Welding Consulting offers a comprehensive welding skills assessment service, allowing you to accurately identify the best professionals for the job.

Individual welding trials

Welding Consulting recognises that each welding position may require different skills depending on the specifics of the project. That's why we offer customised welding trials to assess a candidate's skills in a specific welding method. Our team of experts performs trials on both sheet metal and pipe, covering welding methods 111, 141, 135, 136.

Focus on Precision and Quality

Our welding trials focus not only on the speed of execution, but above all on the precision and quality of the welds. This allows us not only to assess the skills of the candidates, but also to ensure that those selected for employment have the necessary competence to perform welds to the highest standard.


Advanced Assessment in Welding Methods

Welding Consulting specialises in a variety of welding methods, and our team has in-depth knowledge and experience in each of them. This allows us to provide an advanced assessment of welders' skills, taking into account the specifics of the process and industry standards.

Support in the Recruitment Process

We not only carry out welding trials, but also offer support in the recruitment process. Through our assessment of welders' skills, companies can make informed decisions, selecting candidates who not only have the required skills, but also fit with the company's culture and values

Experience and Knowledge

As leaders in the field of welding supervision, Welding Consulting boasts years of experience and in-depth knowledge in assessing welders' skills. Our team of experts are not only welding specialists, but also leaders who are actively involved in the development of the industry. When you choose our company, you are choosing to partner with experts who understand the specifics and requirements of each project.

Precision and Quality

Our welding trials are not just routine skills tests. We focus on precision and quality, seeking to identify the best specialists available on the market. Each test is carefully prepared and the assessment of a welder's skills is based not only on efficiency, but more importantly on the excellence of the welds. At Welding Consulting, we believe that precise testing is key to ensuring welders meet the highest quality standards.

Recruitment support

Recruiting the ideal candidates can be a challenge, especially in the welding industry where strong skills are key. We offer full support in the recruitment process, helping companies find candidates who not only have the required welding skills, but also fit with the company's culture and goals. Our experience in recruiting welders allows us to reduce search times while ensuring the quality of the professionals selected.

Decide on Welding Consulting's services to make sure you hire top-quality welders. Contact us to take advantage of our advanced welder skills assessment and guide your business towards welding success.

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