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When certifying a plant to ISO 3834, a company must have suitably qualified personnel. An IWE-certified welding engineer becomes an essential necessity and his or her daily presence is not required. We suggest that you take advantage of the range of services offered by Welding Consulting.

  • Develops welding techniques, procedures and the application of welding equipment to metal fabrication problems using knowledge of production specifications, metal and metal alloy properties and engineering principles: Conducts research and development studies to develop and test new processes and procedures, improves existing or tests new welding equipment, develops new or modifies current welding methods, techniques and procedures, discovers new patterns of welding phenomena.
  • Evaluates the technical reports resulting from the test results, carries out preventive actions in case of non-conformities.
  • Develops welding procedures to guide production and welding personnel with respect to specification constraints, material processes, heat treatment requirements which include the use of complex alloys, unusual fabrication methods, welding of critical joints and complex requirements.
  • Evaluates new developments in welding for possible application to solving current welding problems or production processes.
  • Directs and co-ordinates technical staff during inspections to ensure employees are familiar with established welding procedures, restrictions and standards.
  • Contacts personnel from other companies, engineering personnel or customers to exchange ideas, technical information on welding matters.
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