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Welding table with hood - Polish manufacturer | manufacturer of welding tables.

The welding table with hood, with a 22 mm diameter hole system, is an extremely versatile tool that will successfully meet the needs of welding professionals, DIY enthusiasts and hobbyists alike. The table's construction has been designed with precision and mobility in mind, making it ideal for a variety of applications.

The table is distinguished by an innovative hole system with an engraved grid every 100 mm, which facilitates precise placement and welding of parts of different shapes and sizes. An LED lamp built into the table structure perfectly illuminates the work area, enabling work requiring excellent illumination, such as quality control or detailed assembly work.

The table's mobility is a key asset, enabling the adjustable legs to be quickly stowed away and moved from one place to another. The use of a set of castors from the renowned Blickle Germany brand guarantees not only smooth movement, but also long life and durability of the structure. This solution is ideal for welding companies and production workshops where the flexibility of the welding station is crucial.

The welding table also offers customisable configurations to suit specific user needs. A removable screw top and the option to install tops of different thicknesses make the table a versatile tool, ready to take on a wide variety of challenges. The option to install a stainless steel top not only gives the table an aesthetically pleasing appearance, but also provides weather resistance.

Two cross beams reinforcing the top guarantee stability and security when carrying out even the most demanding work. An opening in the roof allows the installation of an extraction system, which is important for keeping the workplace clean and safe. Side curtains complying with EN ISO 25980 standards provide additional protection against sparks and dust, which is especially important during welding work.

As a result, the welding table with a 22 mm diameter hole system hood is not just a tool, but a comprehensive solution that is perfect for a variety of conditions and welding tasks. Whether used by welding companies, production workshops or hobbyists, this table offers high quality, functionality and work safety, meeting the highest industry standards.

The welding table with hood, with a 22mm diameter hole system, is a versatile tool that has found a wide range of applications, from professional welding companies to hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts. Below is a full list of applications for this advanced table:

1. welding companies:
Precision welding of parts of different shapes and sizes.
Flexibility of the welding station thanks to the mobility of the table.
Effective adaptation to different production projects.

2. Production Workshop:
Metalworking, steel structures, production of metal components.
Mobility and easy portability to support variable production.
Adaptation to different tasks thanks to the table's functionality.
3. construction companies:
Complex welding work on steel structures.
Mobility of the table for easy relocation within the production hall.
Precision hole system for accuracy in construction work.
4 Assembly Companies:
Assembly of a variety of structures and constructions.
Stability and precision during assembly work.
Flexible adaptation of the table to the specific project.
5 Atelier Works:
Welding, repair, assembly work.
A versatile tool for various projects.
Table functionality to support a variety of work.
6. Home Workshops and Hobby Labs:
A professional tool for home DIY enthusiasts.
Flexibility to adapt the workplace to the home space.
Support for a variety of DIY projects.
7. Welding Hobbyists:
Create your own designs and alterations to metal components.
Precision hole system for accuracy in welding work.
Table mobility to facilitate working on different projects.
8 Passionate Assembly and Repair:
Assembly of structures, repair of domestic appliances.
Table as support for assembly and repair work.
Table functionality for efficiency in various applications.
9th Amateur DIY Projects:
Implementation of DIY projects.
Flexibility of the table to the specific stage of the project.
A hole in the roof to allow the installation of an extraction system for safe operation.
10. DIY Hobbyists Working in Different Places:
Table mobility for employees moving between locations.
Use of a set of castors for smooth table movement.
A versatile tool for different workplaces.


The welding table with 22 mm diameter hole system hood is not only a professional tool for welding companies, but also a versatile solution to support a variety of work in home environments, hobby workshops and for enthusiasts of DIY projects. Its advanced features, precision and mobility make it an indispensable tool for a variety of activities.

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