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Certificates for welders

Welding Consulting conducts examinations for welders according to the ISO 9606 standards.
When examining a welder, the focus is on the welder's ability to manipulate the electrode, welding gun or welding torch manually in such a way as to produce a weld of acceptable quality. Welding processes according to this part of ISO 9606 include only those welding processes which are considered to be manual or partly mechanised welding processes. They do not therefore include fully mechanised and automatic welding processes.

Qualified welder is a highly sought-after professional in many companies across a wide range of industries. However, every welding professional should obtain formal confirmation of his or her knowledge and skills in order to be eligible to practice. The method for obtaining such formal certification is to obtain a certificate intended for weldersWelding Consulting's services include welding examinations in accordance with ISO 9606. In turn, Welding Consulting's services include the examination of welding professionals according to ISO 9606 standards.

Certificates for welders to confirm their qualifications

We provide professional examinations as a necessary step to obtain the certificate for welders. Skills testing takes the form of performing trial joints, which are then checked for correct preparation. The examination also includes work on the basis of instructions received. The whole process, however, applies only to non-mechanised activities. Certification of welders confirms the qualification of the professional and is of great importance for the proper execution of welds and thus the strength of welded structures.

ISO 9606 certification of welders

Welding work can take many forms and take place in a variety of industrial plants, so certification for welders should confirm their qualification to deal with specific materials. At Welding Consulting, we offer examinations in accordance with the accepted ISO 9606 standards. This means that certification of welders in our company includes the testing of skills in working with steel, aluminium, copper, nickel, titanium, zirconium, as well as alloys of these metals.

Professional certification of welders at Welding Consulting

Welding Consulting is a company specialising in a wide range of welding services, one of which is certification of welderswhich is a necessary step to obtain the required authorisations. We comply with all applicable standards and regulations, and our extensive experience makes our offer distinguished by the highest level of professionalism. We invite you to take advantage of our examination offer for certification for welders.

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